Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cloud Nail Art :)

Helloo :) Im supposed to be doing coursework, but I saw a picture of these and wanted to give them a try. They're really easy to do , you just make cloud shapes with a dotting tool or if youve got a steady hand, then just a normal nail polish brush :)

The polish i've use for the base coat is Collection 2000 Hot Looks in 'Button Moon'. I wanted a slightly darker colour but I don't have one so I just stuck with this haha :)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Flower Nail Art :)

This is probably my favourite way to paint my nails!! Its sooo easy and I think it looks quite cool :)

All you need it 2 polishes which contrast well together ,and a thick and thin dotting tool (or just use the end of a hair pin and a cocktail stick).

1) First paint your nails in whatever colour you like. I Love pink, so im using a Nails Inc polish in 'Omp' (it was a freebee in the paper! woohoo).

2) Next, using your hair pin or thick dotting tool draw 5 dots in a sort of star shape. You need to apply enough polish to be able to spread the dot along in the next step.

3) You need to be quick so it doesn't dry! Using your cocktail stick or pointy dotting tool, drag each dot into the middle of your star shape, so that at the end it looks like a flower.

If you make a mess, sometimes putting a dot in the middle of the flower can make it look a bit neater :)

Faking it!

I've always wanted to try getting acrylics, but have been reluctant to as I have heard from friends that they ruin your natural nails. So instead, i've been opting for stick on nails from the chemist. My natural nails arent looking their best at the moment, there reallyyy short, so i'm currently wearing a set of Elegant Touch false nails in 'Totally Bare'.

I've tried a few brands of false nails before, and often find that they can be uncomfortable, messy, and that they come off easily. These however have been amazinggg!! They're a bargain at £4.50(ish) for 48 nails and are flexible, yet very strong!

They are easy to apply as they come with snap-off tabs, so you don't get glue on your fingers.

I've had these on for three weeks now, I find that they need re-applying about every 5 days,and can usually be used twice (after that they get a bit scruffy, but you could use them again).

My only criticism of them is that the glue they come with doesn't last very long (maybe 3 days?) so I've been using Boots' own brand nail glue, which I find is a bit stronger.

Overall, I have been very impressed with these! My natural nails are growing loadss underneath, but until then I will def keep these on!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Spotty nails

I really like this look! I know its nothing special but i like simple nails rather than overdone :) I bourght a set of dotting tools from ebay for 60p to create the dots and it literally couldnt be simpler :)

The base polish is 17 Lasting Fix in 'Fairy Cake', available from boots for £2.99, and the dots are just cheapy nail varnish from Poundland :)

First Blog.. Hello!

Hiyaa! Welcome to my blog :) I'be never done one before.. so sorry if its hopeless! I hope you enjoy it, please comment any suggestions you might have! :)

I painted my entire nail with Missguided nail paint in 'Missbehave'.

The white tip is in nail varnish from Poundland (love a bargain), and I used a stencil to keep it neat. 

 The dots are applied using a dotting tool with Barry M nail paint in '150 Red Glitter'

This is such a simple, girly design which can be finished in 10 minutes :)