Monday, 5 March 2012

Which nail shape is best for you? :)

I have the most relaxed schedule ever at the moment.. after a few weeks of millions of essays, all my works in and i've got hardly any lectures yayyyyyy!

Anyway, I think it would be a good idea to cover the basics and do a post on nail shapes.

The shape of your nails can have a huge affect on the overall image, weather you require a classic, modern, stylish, practical or simple look.

These are the most common nail shapes, which (from left to right) are the oval, 'squoval', square, round, and 'stilletto' or almond.

The Oval

This is the classic nail shape which suits both wide and narrow nails, and is versatile enough to look elegant and beautiful on both long and short nails. However, oval nails are not always the most practical shape as they may break more easily than other nail shapes.The look can be acheived by evenly filing each side of the nail, making sure that both sides are symetrical into a gentle and rounded tip.

The Round Shape

Similar to the oval, the round nail shape is created by filing a sharper point then that of the oval, which is still gentle and elegant.

The Square

This is the typical shape used in a french manicure and acrylic or gel nails. It can be created by filing perfectly straight and symmetrical sides, with a blunt edge, giving a strong and fashionable nail shape.

The 'Squoval'

In simple terms, the squoval shape is simply the best of both the square and the oval the oval. It is one of the most popular nail shapes due to it having the classic elegance of the oval, but with much more strenth, which means that it is a very practical, everyday shape. This shape can be acheived by filing a square shape, and symetrically rounding the corners, giving a softer look.

The Almond Shape

This is a shape which is frequently seen to be worn by Rihanna, creating a structured, femme-fatale, dominating look. The look was also a popular choice of Marilyn Monroes. This nail shape looks good on longer length nails, and the pointed shape means that breakage is easy, so it can be a difficult look to pull off. The shape can be aquired by filing the side walls of the nail about half way down the nail into a pointed shape, until the desired point is acheived.

My favourite nail file to use is a crystal nail file which my auntie got me for Christmas a few years ago. They generally cost about £10 (although cheaper versions are available), mine is from Marks and Spencer. I hate the feeling of normal nail files and crystal ones do a lovely gentle job without the wierd feeling! And they last FOREVER!,NailsFeet_HNFCrystalNailFiles&kwid=100680076_Google+Adwords

Remember: When you file your nails, only file in one direction. This is because filing from side to side can weaken the nail, so that they are more prone to breakages.


  1. :) Ah this is really interesting . I like the oval nails best - not sure i'm brave enough to try the almond! Lovely blog x

    1. Aw thank you! I know same haha :) xx

  2. this is so helpful! i never knew that filing in more than one direction weakened the nail. Won't be doing that anymore!

    1. I found out the hard way haha I didn't think it would actually make much difference, but it does! xx

  3. I had never even thought about nail shape until I read this its so interesting! I now also know how to not file my nails, I had no idea there was a wrong way to it. :)

    1. Thank you! Thats very nice to hear! xx

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