Monday, 5 March 2012

Avon 'Grow Potion' Review

I need to apologise firstly for being ridiculously negligent since Christmas... As a closet nail biter, at the first sign of stress I slip back into biting them, which I did over Christmas! I felt so ashamed of the sorry state of my bitten nails, that I couldn't face logging onto here because it made me feel guilty for biting them!
Seeing as my nails still aren't looking their best, I thought it would be good to make a few posts about nail care, for all those who, like me, want long, strong and beautiful nails :)
About a month ago I purchased 'Grow Potion' from Avon, a nail 'gel' which claims to create 'longer stronger feeling nails in 5 days!'. The product is originally £5, but was half price in the sale, and at £2.50, I thought it was definitely worth a try to help get rid of my incredibly short nails!
The solution comes in a very little 5ml bottle, and looks a bit like a mini lip gloss due to the lip gloss style applicator. The product is very different from a nail polish, and is an unscented, clear pink gel solution, which is simply applied onto the bare nail beds and left to dry, which took about 4 minutes on my nails.

The product came with no instructions and I was unsure of how long it would take to see results, but after about 1 month of use 3-4 times a week, I could not see any real difference in the speed that my nails grew.
However, although I didn't notice a dramatic change in the strength or speed of my nail growth, I was impressed by the way in which the gel made my nails look instantly healthier and naturally shinier. In the winter my nails become brittle in the cold, and the product definitely helped to keep them moisturised- they looked as though they were in much better condition.
The product didn't dramatically aid the growth of my nails, but it may have different effects on different users, and for the price I would recommend this product as a remedy for anyone with dull and brittle nails.
Have you tried this product, and what were your thoughts on it? :)
Any suggestions for posts would be appreciated :)

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