Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Shades for Spring!

When March arrives, so does Spring, and it's time for pastels!

Pastel nail polish looks amazing all year round, but is particually nice to wear in spring time. Here are some of my favourite spring shades from my extensive collection of nail polish :)

1) Barry M 'Blue Moon' £2.99

I generally HATE the way blue nail polish looks against my skin tone, but this shade is very delicate and beautiful, without looking 'tipex-y' (your'll know what I mean if you've ever tried using Collection 2000 Hot Looks in 'Button Moon'... its well hard to make it look half decent). I also think this shade looks better on shorter nails, which is good for me at the moment! I love Barry M nail paints, and although they have a tendancy to peel sometimes, they have a lovely shine to them and only cost £2.99 :)

2) Barry M 'Peach Melba' £2.99

One word- gorgeous. This is perfect for spring. I worked at Tescos all last year and everyday would get nail envy from one of my collegues who wore this all the time. I finally asked her where it was from and never looked back... its a lovely gentle and feminine colour.

3) Barry M (again...) 'Lemon Ice Cream' £2.99

This is the last Barry M polish:) I find yellow doesn't suit my skin tone at all. However, if you are lucky enough to be able to pull this off it looks really cool. My cousin is very arty and wore this colour polish with a retro style swing dress to a wedding, which finished the look off perfectly :)

4) George at Asda 'Sherbert Fizz', £1.25

I bourght this last week, and what a bargain! It's a very similar shade to 17 Lasting Fix polish in 'Fairy Cake', but is a much easier consistancy to apply, and is less than half the price! It is such a cool colour, like a lovehearty pink! I love pink polish, and this shade is a young and barbie-ish shade which I love! I'm also keen on this shade as I find it compliments both shorter and longer legnth nails.

5) Models Own 'Grey Day' £5

This is a totally different shade to the others, as it is a delicate pastel shade of grey. It sounds a bit odd, but I saw Lauren Conrad wearing this shade and thought it looked really nice.

What are your favourite shades for Spring? Have you tried any of these colours? :)

Time to get painting, ladies...


  1. I have 'blue moon' and I'm not a great fan of blue polish but I LOVE it its so soft and pretty. I have 'Concrete mixer'on my nails from Models Own now and think it is a really pretty colour for spring if you don't want something too in your face :)

    1. Yeah me to its so nice isn't it! :) xx

  2. I love 'Peach Melba' too! I've had it on my nails for the most of 2012 so far xx

    1. Yeah it's such a nice colour!! I really like pastels, they make your nails look longer I think :) xx